Gracias, obgrigado … Montevideo, Buenos Aires, Brasilia and Sao Paolo

This was a long trip – but as usual, traveling to South America is wonderful. So it time to say gracias, obgrigado … Montevideo, Buenos Aires, Brasilia and Sao Paolo. I’m so happy that I’ve been invited to speak at the OTN Groundbreakers LAD South Leg Tour 2019. Believe me, it is really hard to fly back after such intense 10 days.

Gracias, obrigado!

Gracias, obgrigado ... Montevideo, Buenos Aires, Brasilia and Sao Paolo

At first, a big big thank you to all the people who organize these events. For us it is quite easy. I board an airplane, and 17 hours later I step into a room on the other side of the world and give a talk.

But I know how hard all these people work to make this happen. People take night buses to be on time at the event, setup the chairs – and take the bus back next night to their hometown. Others spend weekends to pickup as speakers and organize a fantastic tour program every year again.

I would like to say … GRACIAS … OBRIGADO!!! Without you, Edel, Nelson, Daniel, Paolo, Lisandro, Gustavo, Rita, Alex, Matheus, Franky, Edoardo und all the others I may have forgotten here, these events would happen. And they wouldn’t be such a big success.

And of course thanks for the gifts. I will organize now a Dulce de Leche tasting in my house. I certainly can’t finish this on my own. Only Tim Hall can. And I remember very well how Tim looked the next morning when he finished a box overnight 🙂

Well, and not to forget those of you who attended my talks. I was very surprised by the audiences – and also by the interactivity.

Thanks so much – I think I will need to come back again soon!

The Slides

I gave several talks about AutoUpgrade and about Fallback Strategies. You can find the slides in the Slides Download Center on this blog. I’m gonna reshape this a bit (or move the decks to Slideshare – haven’t decided finally yet).

And if you’d like to, you find even more – and the two presentations as well – in the big comprehensive slide deck titled “Upgrade / Migrate / Consolidate to 19c”:

The Speakers

And finally, thanks a lot to all the speakers as well. It is so much fun traveling with you, learning from you – sometimes it feels like one of these field trips back in school where you miss something when you return home …

Gracias, obgrigado ... Montevideo, Buenos Aires, Brasilia and Sao Paolo

All who are still on the road, have safe trips, no delays or cancellations – and take care everybody!




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