Please download the new July 2019 (20190715) AutoUpgrade

Since last night, the new version of the AutoUpgrade utility is available. Please download the new July 2019 (20190715) AutoUpgrade and exchange your previous version in your destination $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/admin with this one.


Please download the tool from: MOS Note: 2485457.1 – AutoUpgrade Tool

When you copied the new tool, call it for a version check to make sure you are using the most recent one:

$ java -jar $OH19/rdbms/admin/autoupgrade.jar -version
build.version 20190715 2019/07/15 12:45:48

Please notice that the tool allows you to upgrade to Oracle and Oracle 18c as well:


Please download the new July 2019 (20190715) AutoUpgrade

The listed releases are the minimum releases you can upgrade to. Minimum source version is Oracle

What we fixed and improved

Please download the new July 2019 (20190715) AutoUpgrade

But why should you take the new tool? Take it because we fixed 26 issues to the June version. At the end of the MOS Note you find a text file called BUGS_20190715. This file contains all the fix descriptions included into this and of course the previous versions, too.

Especially for RAC environments, cluster_database will be kept now at FALSE until the very end of upgrade completion. The same behavior fixes issues with unsupported parameters which caused trouble during the restart of the database. But please, browse the list by yourself.

AutoUpgrade – Step-by-step

  1. The new AutoUpgrade Utility – Download, documentation and supported versions
  2. Create and adjust the config file for AutoUpgrade
  3. Config file for AutoUpgrade – Advanced options
  4. Config file for AutoUpgrade – Tweaking init parameters
  5. AutoUpgrade: ANALYZE, FIXUPS, UPGRADE and DEPLOY modes
  6. AutoUpgrade: Where do you find all the logfiles?
  7. UPG: The AutoUpgrade Command Line Interface
  8. Upgrading Multitenant databases with AutoUpgrade
  9. Moving to a new server with AutoUpgrade
  10. How to tweak the hidden settings in AutoUpgrade
  11. AutoUpgrade and Data Guard, RAC, Restart and non-CDB to PDB
  12. AutoUpgrade and Wallets




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