Yatra 2019 – Oracle Groundbreakers: Roy Swonger travels to India

In April in Vienna a colleague from the US asked me: “Is Roy serious to travel to India in July?”. He mentioned the temperatures, the humidity – and the rain. But Roy is serious – and while I’m writing this, he should be already on his way  to India to present about Upgrade and Migrations in 5 locations at Yatra 2019 – Oracle Groundbreakers: Roy Swonger travels to India.

Yatra 2019 - Oracle Groundbreakers: Roy Swonger travels to India

Why you need to attend?

The organizers have listed 6 fine reasons for attending Yatra on the official Yatra 2019 conference page. And I’m adding another one: You want to learn about the new AutoUpgrade – and about Cloud Migrations.

Roy will present:

  • (Auto)Upgrade to Oracle 19c – Live and Uncensored
    This is more a live interactive demo talk where Roy guides you through various databases upgrade, on the command line as well as with AutoUpgrade. And of course, he will give you some useful tips for your next upgrade projects.
  • How to Diagnose Oracle Database Upgrade Issues
    Roy will explain why upgrade is a very different workload. And how you can dig down into the available information – and how to interpret it. This is a very techie talk with lots of practical tips about how to deal with performance issues – and more important, how to avoid any of those. And of course, as usual, this talk contains live demos as well.
  • How to Migrate to Autonomous Database Cloud
    The third talk Roy will give includes a lot of demos as well. Everybody at Oracle can tell you about the multiple benefits of the Oracle Autonomous Cloud. But not everybody can explain and show you in 45 minutes how you migrate your database into ADB. This is not the typical marketing talk – it is a practical talk for technical people who want to lift databases to ADB.

Where will you meet Roy?

Yatra 2019 - Oracle Groundbreakers: Roy Swonger travels to IndiaRoy will present at the following stops:

He’s looking forward to meet you there. Take a selfie with him and tweet it to RoyFSwonger.

And of course, there are a lot of other great speakers on the tour such as Gavin Soorma, Sandesh Rao, Gurmeet Giondi, Connor McDonald , Brendan Tierney, Kieran Tailor and many others.I browsed the agenda. What a fantastic lineup!

Where do you find more information?

Thanks to all the organizers for their hard work in setting up such an event!



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