My Hands-On Lab USB drives are not giveaways

Today I’ve had two very exciting labs at Collaborate 2019 conference. And no worries if you couldn’t finish the lab on time. You can download it via the blog – and instructions are up here as well.

Thanks so much for coming to the labs.

One personal note:

If I offer you USB drives to copy the lab to your laptop, I’d expect that you return them back to me. My USB drives are not the cheapest ones as they have to last for a while and have to be fast at the same time. If you need one, please order them from amazon or another shop. But return mine please. One person stepped out from the 2nd lab today with the Lexar 64GB with a red strap. Please drop it at the reception of the Grand Hyatt to my room. Or, if you just realize after the conference that you kept it accidentally, mail it to:

Roy Swonger
C/o: Oracle Corp
One Oracle Drive
Nashua, NH 03062

Just as a reminder: This is how the USB drive looks like – just with a red strap attached:

Thanks πŸ™‚


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