Collaborate 2019 – San Antonio, TX – Upgrade Talks and Labs

Collaborate 2019 - San Antonio, TX - Upgrade Talks and Labs

I have to be careful when posting something today. But this is actually not an April’s fool joke. Collaborate Conference is less than a week away. And for me this means: I’m going to Texas for the first time ever. And I hope to see you at Collaborate 2019 – San Antonio, TX – Upgrade Talks and Labs.


Collaborate 2019 - San Antonio, TX - Upgrade Talks and LabsWell, stereotypes are great. I live in Bavaria but I’m actually from its Northern part called Franconia. Which belongs geographically to Bavaria but is different. But when you look from any other part of Germany towards its South, people expect us to run around in Lederhosen and Dirndl all day long – and have very strange habits. A long time ago, I’ve got told by somebody that being from Bavaria and being from Texas is very similar. The rest of the country looks at you as you’d be a strange creature with very strange habits.

When I read through the list of stereotypes about Texas and Texans, I have to smile. When I tell somebody that I live in Munich, people often mention Bayern Muenchen, one of the two major (and the slightly more successful) local football clubs here. And the same must be true when you live in Texas: You love the Cowboys, right? 🙂 Well, I’m a big fan of the loser club from Nürnberg, called 1.FCN who’s famous for holding the records for relegation – and obscure ones as well. Not everybody is a fan of Bayern München.

Ah, when you have never heard of Franconia, you may have heard of this guy who settled in Texas for more than a decade and became one of the best Basketball players ever: Dirk Nowitzki. He’s a true Franconian. And there must be a reason why he plays since 21 seasons for the Dallas Mavericks. Good thing: Collaborate happens when the last season match will take place in San Antonio: The Spurs vs the Mavericks – Dirk’s potentially last NBA match.

Ok, now you’ve got the point: I’m really looking forward to come to Texas 🙂 Just a few days until may plane will take off (hopefully … I’m booked on United …)

Collaborate 2019

Last year I skipped Collaborate – but this year Roy is on vacation surrounding Uluru. And hence, I will go.

For me it already starts on Sunday with the two hands-on labs. Bring your laptop. We have VNCs up and you can connect to our server and do the lab. Or you grab one of my USB drives and copy it to your machine – you need VBox and VBox Extensions preinstalled. And 65GB free disk space.

And of course, you may checkout the AGENDA as well.

Looking forward to see you soon!



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