In case you miss DBMS_OPTIM_BUNDLE in 12.2

Strange things happen sometimes. I got alerted by a customer before Christmas about package DBMS_OPTIM_BUNDLE missing after applying a Release Update. I’ve had a conversation with Nigel Bayliss, the Optimizer PM – but Nigel hasn’t heard of such things either. We both investigated but couldn’t reproduce the issue. But after the end-of-the-year holidays I received similar messages from other customers. In case you miss DBMS_OPTIM_BUNDLE in 12.2, then this blog post should help you.

In case you miss DBMS_OPTIM_BUNDLE in 12.2

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I blogged about this package in the past already several times:

Please be aware also of this issue with Multitenant:

What is the issue?

Several customers reported that DBMS_OPTIM_BUNDLE does not exist anymore in the database after either applying the July or October 2018, or the January 2019 Release Updates to their environments. If one tries to access the package, it results in an ORA-4043 instead. This applies to non-CDB and CDB environments.

Non-public BUG 29259128 - REGRESSION: PACKAGE SYS.DBMS_OPTIM_BUNDLE MISSING FROM RU OCT. 2018 has been logged for this issue.


As long as the root cause is not clear yet, this workaround solves the problem in case you miss DBMS_OPTIM_BUNDLE in Oracle Database


Several customers implemented this workaround already without any known negative side effects.




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