Oracle 19c is available in LiveSQL

As Willie Hardie, VP Oracle Database Produce Management, wrote in his blog post, Oracle Database 19.2 is available in LiveSQL since yesterday. You can try out scripts and such in a container. Of course, feature usage is restricted. But that’s a pretty nice thing for an early start with Oracle Database 19c.

Oracle 19c is available in LiveSQLTry it out

Try it out on:

And find more information in Willie Hardie’s post:



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9 thoughts on “Oracle 19c is available in LiveSQL

  1. Hi,
    how does the Version 19.2 (“Oracle Database 19.2 is available in LiveSQL “) align with the official release cycle saying 19.2 will be available in April 2019. Was Version 19.1 skipped?


    • Torsten,

      who did say that 19.2 will be available in April? 😉
      In April we will release 19.3.0.
      The official take for the on-prem availability is in MOS 742060.1 saying “first half of calendar year 2019” which could be April 2019. But it could also be June 30, 2019.


      • Hi Mike,

        the document I am reffering to is
        Release Update Introduction and FAQ (Doc ID 2285040.1)

        Figure 2.

        saying 19.1.0 to be released in Q1 2019,
        19.2.0 to be released in Q2 2019


        • Torsten,

          please see the yellow box above figure 2:


          The dates published in this document are for planning and discussion purposes only. It is intended solely to help you plan your I.T. projects. The dates are not a firm development plan. The release and timing of any platforms are subject to change at any time and at Oracle’s sole discretion.

          The graph/figure is not correct. But it is not meant to give any exact dates. As I said, MOS 742060.1 is the Single Source of Truth 🙂


  2. Hi Mike,
    Ithis is going into a different direction.
    I was just curious about the numbering 19.2. .
    Thought Oracle skipped 19.1 but Oracle does not want to disclose that’s ok with me.
    By the way I can also see the yellow box in MOS ID 2357480.1.


    • Hi Torsten,

      got it. 19.2. is correct here.
      We released 19.1 in October as the first beta-1 drop for 19c.
      3 months later, in January 2019, 19.2 gets released (actually the beta-2 became available last night). And it will be available as beta drop for Engineered Systems customers as well.
      This is also the drop we put up on LiveSQL.

      Hope this helps – didn’t want to move this into the wrong direction 🙂


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