Premier Support Extension for Oracle 19c – and more

Wait a bit. Oracle Database 19c is not out yet (only in beta right now) but how can we initiate a Premier Support Extension for Oracle 19c already? Well, Oracle, Oracle 18c and Oracle 19c all together sail under the cover of the “Oracle 12.2 Release Family” and hence have a common support frame.

What has been announced?

The single-source-of-truth MOS Note:742060.1 got updated. Roy tweeted about it already. And the major change in the note is the extension of the Premier Support for Oracle 19c until March 2023. That is one year more than it was before. And it reminds me that I will have to update our Release and Patching presentation in order to comply with this change.

I think almost everybody will like this change. As we estimate the availability of Oracle Database 19c for the first half of calendar year 2019, this means: You’ll get more or less 4 years of Premier Support for this release. Plus a potential extension of 3 years of Extended Support until March 2026. In my opinion, this is a very solid basis for your future release plans. Something everybody should be able to deal with and work on.

See the graph in MOS 742060.1 (you will need to click on the graph or the link in order to get the correct resolution as I can’t reproduce this content here on the blog):

Premier Support Extension for Oracle 19c - and more

Please click on the graph to get to MOS Note:742060.1 for the unblurred image

What else is new in MOS 742060.1?

In addition there were some other changes to the single-source-of-truth MOS Note:742060.1.

  • 12c, 18, 19 Extended Support Dates (See Figure 1, Tables 2 & 3)
  • Added Estimated release dates for 19c (See Figure 1, Tables 2 & 3)
  • Reorganized document content but retained major sections

Especially the Lifetime Support Patching (Error Correction) & Upgrade Path for Oracle Database got revised and is now way more easier to understand:

Premier Support Extension for Oracle 19c - and more

Recommended Upgrade Path – See MOS Note:742060.1 for details

The database release schedule has now a 19c column as well with estimated release dates – and please be aware as noted in MOS Note:742060.1 at the very beginning:

The dates published in this document are for planning and discussion purposes only. It is intended solely to help you plan your I.T. projects. The dates are not a firm development plan. The release and timing of any platforms are subject to change at any time and at Oracle’s sole discretion.

Another important change: Patching end date for has changed, and is now 23-Nov-2020.

April 15, 2020:
And another important change: Oracle got Limited Error Correction Support added until 31-Mar-2022.
See here: Oracle Support extended with Limited Error Correction Support

And finally, outdated content and especially footnotes got cleaned up.

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