UKOUG Tech18 – Recap, Slides, Videos and Impressions

UKOUG Tech18 - Recap, Slides, Videos and ImpressionsUKOUG Tech18 this year was an excellent event. And even though I was very skeptical of having to travel to Liverpool where you really can’t fly into except when you live in Amsterdam, I enjoyed it a lot. Liverpool is really a lovely city. And being honest, the conference center was very nice – and IMHO better than the one in Birmingham. You had to chance to see the other conference participants and speakers. I liked it a lot. So here’s my quick UKOUG Tech18 – Recap, Slides, Videos and Impressions post.

Well, and for me being a bit sick during UKOUG seems to become a tradition now …

A big Thank You!

At first, a big Thank You to the organizers who worked behind the scenes, the people in the back office, and of course to Martin, Neil and all the others who put together an excellent agenda making this a great conference. It was really fun and I saw a lot of cool talks.

Next year the conference will be in Brighton – and I look forward to it already.

And thanks a lot to Edelweiss and Nelson as well for taking me to Penny Lane and Strawberry Fields … 🙂


Roy and I had 4 talks – and we swapped a bit. Actually due to my weak voice I played only the demo-dolly’s roll in Roy’s first talk – and swapped another one with him. Hence, sorry if you expected me in the AutoUpgrade talk on Wednesday. My voice was gone mostly.

Here you find all the slide decks for our talks – and as we combined “Upgrade Live” and “Diagnostics” into one talk, there’s actually one slide deck more to look at as I didn’t upload the combined one. Instead if you are interested, you may please download both talks.


After my demo disaster at DOAG Conference in Nürnberg this year where my laptop first showed misbehavior, then told me that it is going to reboot, THEN rejected my password asking instead for a “recovery pass phrase” only Oracle IT may have … well, I decided I’m rather doing prerecorded demos instead. And the advantage: I can share them afterwards as well.

Fallback Strategies Talk
  • Protection for issues during an upgrade
    • Guaranteed Restore Point
    • Partial Offline Backup
  • Protection for issues after an upgrade
    • Database Downgrade
Live and Uncensored Talk
  • preupgrade.jar
  • Upgrade to Oracle 18.3.0
  • Postupgrade actions and Time Zone adjustment

For the AutoUpgrade Tool’s talk I can’t upload the video right now. But as soon as it will be production, I will share a lot more information with you.


Well, and finally some random shots of the few places I could see while being in Liverpool.

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I really hope to be back one day – maybe during a different month of the year 🙂



PS: I cured my laptop with an update to Virtual Box. This piece of software I really like and use daily seemed to cause the unexpected reboots since I upgraded my OS to High Sierra. Note to myself: If you upgrade your OS, make sure you upgrade your software pieces as well – at least the VERY important ones.




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