Oracle Express Edition XE 18c available for download

This was hard work right before Oracle Open World – and you had to wait a very long time. The last Oracle Express Edition we delivered was based on Oracle Not exactly the most modern release these days. And my mates, especially Gerald Venzl, but of course also the involved developers and managers worked hard to have Oracle Express Edition XE 18c available for download. It of course has some restrictions. And you can’t get support for it. If you need support for anything, please visit the Community Forum. But it’s pretty cool Oracle database with many of the features involved and available. I

Oracle Express Edition XE 18c available for download

For starters, please watch this video:

And then you can download Oracle XE 18c and start working.

If you haven’t worked much with Oracle Databases before, use the Quick Start guide which explains the installation and how to connect to the database.

Limitations and Restrictions

As you know, Oracle XE has some limitations compared to Standard and Enterprise Edition database releases.

In brief:

  • Supports two CPU cores only
  • User data limited to 12GB
  • Maximum of 2GB of RAM supported
  • Maximum of 3 PDBs supported
  • Does not work with Oracle GoldenGate
  • No RAC and no Data Guard available

Find more details here:

Further Information


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