OOW 2018: Cloud Migration from AIX to ExaCC – for DBAs and managers

OOW 2018: Cloud Migration from AIX to ExaCC - for DBAs and managers

Yes, OOW starts next week. And I’d like to introduce the third of our 4 talks. And let me say upfront about this talk at OOW 2018: Cloud Migration from AIX to ExaCC – for DBAs and managers. This is not the usual “cloud” talk 🙂 The official title is: Oracle Database Cloud Migration: Fast, Simple, Universal. Well, we should discuss the “simple“. But that’s why you want to see this talk. It will happen on Thursday, 9:00 a.m.. Hence, remember to leave the party the night before not too late. You need to be awake when you visit our talk in Moscone West 3004 on Thursday, Oct 25, 9:00h.

What is this talk all about?

The title includes “Cloud“. But that’s just a small part of the story. We’ll show a universal approach to migrate approximately 1000 databases from IBM AIX to ExaCC and OCC machines. This is a talk will combine deep insights into our technical approach using a Transportable Tablespaces and a ZDLRA (Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance) to roll forward incremental backups cross-platform and cross-Endianness. We show all the detailed steps on our journey to a scripted and automated migration. So you will see a lot of things around TTS including some cool best practices and other pieces. Plus we’ll show you the customized brand new PERL scripts our mates from the MAA/ZDLRA team have written to move incremental backups from AIX to Linux – with just two simple calls.

But there’s much more in this talk.

Featuring …

OOW 2018: Cloud Migration from AIX to ExaCC - for DBAs and managers

Soner Toraman, METRO-NOM GmbH

We have a customer on stage with us.

Soner Toraman, the Product Owner Relational Databases at METRO-NOM GmbH, the IT subsidiary of Metro AG, one of the largest retailers on the globe. And Soner will give you insights about Metronom’s strategy for migrating off AIX and onto Exadata Cloud @Customer (ExaCC).

Why they are doing it.
How they are doing it.

And he will talk open and honest about the pitfalls and will give tips and tricks around such an attempt.

This migration includes also going from non-CDB (mostly Oracle to CDB/PDB Multitenant architecture (currently Oracle

Let me emphasize this: This is not a marketing presentation but talking about an ongoing real-world project mostly from a technical perspective.

When? Where? Who?

You’ll find us on Thursday, the last day of OOW 2018. At 9:00 a.m. in the morning. In Moscone West 3004.

But hey, you can sleep on your way home (as long as you are flying back – please don’t sleep in your car, not even in your Tesla going south on 101 with “AutoPilot” on. Don’t …

Thursday, Oct 25 at 9:00h in Moscone West 3004:
Oracle Database Cloud Migration: Fast, simple, universal
with Soner Toraman, metronom GmbH

See you there!

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All talks will happen in Room 3004 in Moscone West.


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