OOW 2018: Upgrade to Oracle 18c – Live and Uncensored

OOW 2018: Upgrade to 18c - Live and Uncensored

Less than two weeks until the potentially busiest Oracle Open World conference I’ve ever attended. The schedule is filled up already and closed down. And I’m pretty sure I will need time off afterwards to relax and recover. But I’m looking forward to our annual big event in San Francisco. To make it as exciting as possible for you we are very happy to have high profile speakers with us in all our talks. And we promise: No marketing. Just tech facts. If you’d like to sneak into OOW 2018: Upgrade to 18c – Live and uncensored, then mark your calendar for Tuesday, Oct 23 at 11:15h in Moscone West 3004.

What is this talk all about?

Of course, as the title tells you: Upgrade. What else 😉

Upgrading to Oracle Database 18c. Source will be an Oracle database. And it will be strictly command line driven. And as everything works always very well on Powerpoint, I will guide you through all the necessary steps with a live demonstration. On stage. Uncensored. But the talk will contain much more than a simple upgrade to Oracle 18c.

Featuring …

Kamran Agayev at OOW 2018

Kamran Agayev, AzerCell Oracle ACE Director and OCM

I’m so happy to have Kamran Agayev from AzerCell in Azerbaijan on stage with us. Kamran is not only an Oracle Certified Master, an Oracle ACE Director, an Oracle Backup&Recovery book author, a RACattack! Ninja, a Jiu Jitsu champion of his country but also a long time friend and great person.

Kamran will add the real world perspective to this talk. He will focus on the migration steps he and his team did at AzerCell to move to Oracle Database (Oracle 18c, which is Oracle, was not available by the time the migrated to Oracle 12.2). Kamran will give you detailed technical insights about their HA setup, the migration steps – and of course the pitfalls they’ve hit. And of course he will also talk about how to solve them.

When? Where? Who?

Tuesday, Oct 23 at 11:15h in Moscone West 3004:
Upgrade to Oracle Database 18c – Live and Uncensored
with Kamran Agayev, Azercell Telecom

Please use this link to the schedule builder and hurry to sign up. The room doesn’t have unlimited capacity. And this is one of the talks you should really see if you work in the database space.

See you there!

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