OOW2018: The new AutoUpgrade for the Oracle Database

As I wrote the other day, OOW 2018 is not too far away anymore. And if you’d like to see something really new, something which can really really ease your database upgrades in the near future, then you may visit our first talk right on Monday morning at OOW2018: The new AutoUpgrade for the Oracle Database.

OOW2018: The new AutoUpgrade for the Oracle Database

What is this talk all about?

First of all, let me emphasize that we don’t do marketing. We would like to introduce you to a brand new tool we’ll currently have in beta operation at selected customers. And which we’ll release in the new future: The new AutoUpgrade tool for the Oracle database.

I won’t spoil too much upfront but think of a tiny little command line tool which you’ll feed with a simple text file describing some key facts about your databases. And this tiny little tool upgrades your databases. Fully unattended. Completely. From system checks to preupgrade to preupgrade fixups to database upgrade to postupgrade fixups and extra tasks. From start to end.

As you know, everything works always very well on Powerpoint. That’s why we will show a live demo of the tool as well. Plus of course a few slides.

Featuring …

Daniel Overby Hansen, Simcorp

Daniel Overby Hansen, SimCorp Denmark

But even then you’d say “Oh these Oracle guys made something uo.” So we asked Daniel Overby Hansen for his help. Daniel is the Lead Developer at SimCorp in Copenhagen. SimCorp is a Danish company that provides IT solutions and expertise to asset managers at financial institutions such as banks, national banks, pension funds and insurance companies worldwide. The core SimCorp product is award-winning SimCorp Dimension, a portfolio management system.

And we are really excited to have Daniel speaking with us on stage at OOW this year. Daniel did test the AutoUpgrade already. And he and his team mates implemented an agile database upgrade strategy at SimCorp over the past years. He will explain his experiences with the new tool but also tell you more on how they do database upgrades.

When, where, who?

Monday, Oct 22 at 9:00h in Moscone West 3004:
The new AutoUpgrade for the Oracle Database
with Daniel Overby Hansen, SimCorp

Please use this link to the schedule builder and hurry to sign up. The room doesn’t have unlimited capacity. And this is one of the talks you should really see if you work in the database space.

CU there!

Visit our OOW 2018 talks

All talks will happen in Room 3004 in Moscone West.


Download all our slides from here and read the OOW 2018 Recap Post here.


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