POUG – Pint with the Oracle User Group in Sopot, Poland

IPOUG - Pint with the Oracle User Group in Sopot, Poland‘m back from vacation. With 900 or so emails in my inbox. And messages on LinkedIn and Twitter, comments on the blog etc. So plenty of things to do for the next days. The event I’m really looking forward is my upcoming visit of the POUG – Pint with the Oracle User Group in Sopot, Poland. Never been there before, neither at the conference nor in Sopot. But when I called our travel provider this morning to change a hotel reservation, the very friendly lady on the phone congratulated me to visiting Sopot (and wished me good weather … no idea how she meant this) ๐Ÿ˜‰

POUG – Pint with the Oracle User Group in Sopot, Poland

POUG 2018 happens on Sept 7-8 in Sopot on the Baltic Sea. You find all the necessary information including the link to sign up here: https://jmk.conrego.com/

The venue is Zatoka Sztuki.

And the agenda is VERY cool with a ton of geeks attending on stage from all over the world. Meaning, many presentations will be given in English. Actually when I look at the agenda:

Agenda: http://poug.org/en/edycja/poug-2018/

I’d say the Who-Is-Who of Oracle experts from all over the world will be there.

Dig Deep Down into Upgrade and Migration

My talk will be on day 2, Saturday, 15:00-15:45h.

It will be about how to diagnose a failed (or slow) database upgrade. And about how to avoid the most common Database Migration pitfalls. Only true facts! No marketing involved! Full color slides (after the conference)!


See you there, Just follow the man with the axe. Luckily his name is not “Eugene”. Be careful with that Axe, Kamil ๐Ÿ™‚



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