Oracle Multimedia is deprecated in Oracle 18c

While I was writing the blog post about Creating CDBs and non-CDBs with less options I realized that Oracle Multimedia is deprecated in Oracle 18c – but I haven’t mentioned this here yet.

Oracle Multimedia is deprecated in Oracle 18c

Oracle Multimedia was called Oracle Intermedia a long time ago when we introduced it back in the Oracle 8i days.

Oracle Multimedia is deprecated in Oracle 18c

I don’t know how many people really used it, but it is part of a standard installation if you didn’t explicitly turned it off or deinstalled it.

And from Oracle 18c on, Oracle Multimedia is deprecated. Meaning, it won’t develop further. And the text in the Database Upgrade Guide tells you that it may be removed in Oracle 19c.

Oracle Multimedia is deprecated in Oracle 18cAs questions came up about the PL/SQL API for Multimedia, Melliyal Annamalai sent me a clarification:

“All Oracle Multimedia functionality is deprecated in 18c, including the PL/SQL API. We are clarifying the doc to make that clearer.”

Thanks, Melli!

Oracle Locator

The Oracle Locator is not part of the deprecation process.

Further Information

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4 thoughts on “Oracle Multimedia is deprecated in Oracle 18c

  1. Hi Mike,
    We use Oracle Locator which is part of Oracle Multimedia. Hence will Locator become deprecated, too?
    Cheers Peter

  2. Hi Mike !
    Thank you for this blog post. I have a question similar to Peter’s.
    I read here – – that “Oracle Spatial (SDO) depends on Oracle Multimedia”. And I’ve also seen that Oracle Spatial And Graph is still supported in 18c.
    Will there be any changes regarding Oracle Spatial and Graph because of Oracle Multimedia deprecation ?
    Thank you 🙂

    • Hi Flora,

      no – there won’t be any changes to Spatial and Graph. Spatial, Graph and the Locator will be fully supported. The process of installation for a fresh database may be changed potentially to ensure Spatial/Graph/Locator are working as expected. But that’s outside of my area.


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