Oracle ORAchk and EXAchk Version 18.3.0 are released

If you are a regular user of ORAchk and/or EXAchk, you should download the most recent and newest version as Oracle ORAchk and EXAchk Version 18.3.0 are released now.

Oracle ORAchk and EXAchk Version 18.3.0 are released

Oracle ORAchk and EXAchk Version 18.3.0 are released

The new features you’ll find in ORAchk 18.3.0 and EXAchk 18.3.0 include:

bullet Beta Support for Oracle Private Cloud Appliance
In EXAchk Health Check Catalog under the Engineered systems of Private Cloud Appliance and Private Cloud Appliance Plane.
bullet Automatic start from TFA install
Oracle Trace File Analyzer root installations on Linux or Solaris on non-engineered systems will automatically setup and run the ORAchk daemon.The daemon will be restarted at 1am every morning, in order to discover any environment changes. A full local ORAchk run will be performed at 2am every morning and a partial run of the most impactful checks will be run every 2 hours via the oratier1 profile.

Any collections older than 2 weeks will automatically be purged.

If ORAchk is installed in stand-alone mode Auto start can also be used for quick setup by running orachk -autostart, again only when run as root on Linux or Solaris on a non-engineered system.

Once auto start is enabled the daemon settings can be changed as per normal and auto start can be removed any time by using orachk -autostop or tfactl run orachk -autostop

bullet Additional REST commands
You can use the relevant API command in an URL like this https://{host}:{port}/ords/tfaml/orachk/{API_COMMAND}, where the new API commands are:

  • gettfaupload
  • unsettfaupload
  • uploadtfafailed
  • checktfaupload
  • checktfafaileduploads
  • showrepair
  • getinfo
  • diff
bullet Run against individual PDBs
Please use -pdbnames {pdb_name1,pdb_name2}
bullet User defined check enhancements
bullet Database role (primary or standby) now shown in report
bullet Deprecation of EBS health checks
Perform all EBS health checks withe EBS Analyzers – see MOS Note: 1545562.1.
bullet Integration of Oracle Database Security Assessment Tool (DBSAT) 2.0.2

  • Security configuration issues, and how to remediate them
  • Users and their entitlements
  • Location, type, and quantity of sensitive data
bullet New health checks

bullet Fixed Issues

Plus some important preupgrade checks such as the warning to drop the XMLCONCAT public synonym I wrote about a few days ago.

Download ORAchk and EXAchk 18.3.0

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