Oracle Database 18.3.0 on SPARC Solaris is available

Usually I don’t post twice on a day, especially not on a Friday and not in the holiday season. But since last night, Aug 2, Oracle Database 18.3.0 on SPARC Solaris is available for download from OTN.

Oracle Database 18.3.0 on SPARC Solaris is available

Oracle Database 18.3.0 on SPARC Solaris is availableOracle Database 18.3.0 on SPARC Solaris is available

You can download it from OTN:

And I couldn’t find it on eDelivery – where I find only the 18.1.0 version. But I simply may be not clever enough to use the right search phrase (I used “Oracle Database” as “18” leads to something different).

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Addition Aug 8, 2018:

Oracle 18.3.0 for Intel Solaris x86 is available now as well for download

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2 thoughts on “Oracle Database 18.3.0 on SPARC Solaris is available

  1. Hey Mike,
    someone told me a couple of years ago — think it was Sebastian Solbach — to never, never, NEVER download software from OTN, which is intended to use in productive environments. Is this still a paradigm?

    • That’s why we “moved” Sebastian into the Cloud (just kiddin’).

      Actually the OTN drop is the same as you’ll find in eDelivery. In the “old” days we said “Don’t download from OTN for prod purposes” for the simple reason that we did track the download in eDelivery but hadn’T any association between user and download on OTN. Since you have to put in your SSO credentials on OTN as well to download (as far as I know) we will track it. And this is the MAIN reason, we will inform you in case we had to do a recut of the software.

      A real life example:
      In the AIX drop had a wrong make file which caused all your shadow processes to consume twice as much memory as intended. This got caught and fixed within 1 week.
      If you downloaded from eDelivery we alerted you and asked 8 days after the drop appeared there, to redownload or use the fixed make file and link again
      If you downloaded instead from OTN we never could alert you.

      This is the reason why we said: Don’t use OTN.

      In these days, you find exactly the same drops on OTN and eDelivery. And based on my recent experience, you will find 18.3.0 on-prem on OTN only, but not on eDelivery yet for whatever strange reason.


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