Oracle Database 18.3.0 Upgrade on premises

Oracle Database 18.3.0 Upgrade on premisesAs Oracle Database 18c is now available on Linux on premises, I blogged about the installation already. And the next logical step is the Oracle Database 18.3.0 Upgrade on premises. In this case I will show an upgrade on the command line from Oracle to Oracle 18.3.0. A DBUA upgrade will follow in a separate blog post later.

Oracle Database 18.3.0 Upgrade on premises

Before you can start with the upgrade, you may download the software first, and then install it:

If you read this blog post after October 18, 2018, please make sure you download and apply the October 2018 Update (RU) as well before attempting the database upgrade.

Download the most recent preupgrade.jar

As our group releases an improved preupgrade.jar every 2 months usually, we highly recommend that you download and use the most recent version as the one available via MOS Note: 884522.1 is newer than the one you have installed with the release or Upgrade/Revision.

Unpack or copy it into your Oracle 18c ?/rdbms/admin directory.

Database Upgrade to Oracle 18.3.0

After you completed the preupgrade part, you can now upgrade the database to Oracle 18.3.0.


With the download and unzip of 18.3.0 on premises you’ve got also automatically the Release Updates 18.3.0 . No extra actions arel necessary. Everything happens as part of the database upgrade.

Post Upgrade Fixups and Checks

Now, as you completed the database upgrade, you’ll have to execute the post upgrade actions:

  • Recompilation with utlrp.sql
  • Post Upgrade Fixups with postupgrade_fixups.sql created during preupgrade.jar execution
  • Check the upg_summary.log and the catupgrd0.log
  • Execute Time Zone adjustments with utltz_upg_check.sql and utltz_upg_apply.sql


If you would like to follow all manual steps again, you may please also check: Upgrade Oracle Database to 18c on premises.

Further Information

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