Oracle Database 18.3.0 installation on premises

Oracle Database 18.3.0 installation on premisesOracle Database 18.3.0 is available on Linux since July 23, 2018. And I wanted to quickly sneak into the Oracle Database 18.3.0 installation on premises. I did blog about the Oracle 18c installation a few weeks ago but this was a plain 18.1.0. This time I install the 18.3.0 on-prem edition for Linux.

Oracle Database 18.3.0 installation on premises

Are the any differences between an 18.1.0 and the 18.3.0 installation? No, there aren’t any (at least not anything I recognized). The most important thing: you must unzip the downloaded file into your future destination directory.

In my case I unzip:

mkdir /u01/app/oracle/product/18
cd /u01/app/oracle/product/18
unzip /media/sf_TEAM/

Then call the install script:


This short video demonstrates the installation process:


And finally run

su root
passwd: oracle

cd /u01/app/oracle/product/18

That’s it.

One addition: If you wonder about the new environment variables ORACLE_BASE_HOME and ORACLE_BASE_CONFIG: Those are used to the Read-Only Home feature since Oracle 18c. Find more information in MOS Note:2409465.1 (Oracle 18c – Configuring Read Only OracleHome / DBCA / Patching / Upgrade).

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6 thoughts on “Oracle Database 18.3.0 installation on premises

    • “C”

      I received a similar error with my Mac, downloaded again, same error.
      And I agree. But actually in this case I don’t even know to whom I should sent my (and your) complaint 🙁

      Cheers, and sorry for the inconvenience.

      PS: When you say “C” it completes and you will see no error afterwards …

  1. I got it through with the help of the following commands:
    From 50GB moved it to 300GB. Please don’t take this seriality.
    I just forgot the order of these commands used for the purpose.
    1) [mohan@mohan 18]$ sudo xfs_growfs /dev/mapper/ol-root
    2)[mohan@mohan 18]$ df -Th
    3) [mohan@mohan 18]$ df -kh
    4) [mohan@mohan 18]$ sudo lvdisplay /dev/mapper/ol-root
    5) [mohan@mohan 18]$ sudo lvresize –size 300G /dev/mapper/ol-root
    6) [mohan@mohan 18]$ sudo lvdisplay /dev/mapper/ol-root
    7) [mohan@mohan 18]$ sudo lvdisplay /dev/mapper/ol-home
    8) [mohan@mohan 18]$ sudo lvdisplay /dev/mapper/ol-root
    9) [mohan@mohan 18]$ cd /u01/app/oracle/product/18
    10) [mohan@mohan 18]$ ls -l
    Hope this gives a thoroughfare.
    All the best dear Mike.Dietrich.

  2. Hi Mr Mike,
    One more time I am putting the entire list of commands I used for reaching to ./runInstall cmd.
    For the benefit of the next victims in the row after me.
    [mohan@mohan 18]$ sudo chown -R mohan /u01
    [mohan@mohan 18]$ sudo mkdir app/oracle/product/18
    [mohan@mohan 18]$ df -h /tmp
    [mohan@mohan 18]$ df -h /u01
    [mohan@mohan 18]$ rpm -qf
    [mohan@mohan 18]$ df -kh
    [mohan@mohan 18]$ sudo lvdisplay /dev/mapper/ol-root
    [mohan@mohan 18]$ sudo lvdisplay /dev/mapper/ol-home
    [mohan@mohan 18]$ sudo lvresize –size 300G /dev/mapper/ol-root
    [mohan@mohan]$ cd /u01/app/oracle/product/18
    [mohan@mohan 18]$ sudo xfs_growfs /dev/mapper/ol-root
    [mohan@mohan 18]$ unzip /media/

  3. More commands related to INCREASE THE SWAP:
    How to increase swap from the original 5GB TO 10GB?
    1) [root@mohan ~]# df -h
    2)[root@mohan ~]# free -m
    3)[root@mohan ~]# dd if=/dev/zero of=/techswap bs=1G count=5
    4) [root@mohan ~]# mkswap /techswap
    5) [root@mohan ~]# swapon /techswap
    6) [root@mohan ~]# free -m
    7) Now open the /etc/fstab file and add a line:
    /techswap swap swap defaults 0 0

    save the file and close.
    Now reboot and check with
    free -m
    command at the terminal.
    You will find the swap is increased to 10GB from the original 5GB.

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