ZDLRA ready for Oracle Database 18c

ZDLRA is one of the best acronyms ever. It took me 5+ years to not mix up the sequence of characters 🙂 And even Larry made a joke about the name a while ago at his OOW keynote (I think it was 2016). ZDLRA stands for Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance. And that basically tells you what it is. Hence, it isn’t a bad acronym as it tells you straight forward what it does. Good news: ZDLRA ready for Oracle Database 18c.

ZDLRA ready for Oracle Database 18c

ZDLRA ready for Oracle Database 18cWhy am I writing about this? Some of the customers I’m working with right now on either a very large migration project to ExaCC or a major upgrade from Oracle to Oracle Database 18c, both have ZDLRAs. And in the latter case, even though their Exadatas could have had the Oracle 18c stack already installed, the ZDLRA was not ready to support Oracle 18c backups.

Now it is. On July 17, 2018 the availability of the  ZDLRA software stack got announced. Please have a look at MOS Note: 1927416.1 (Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance Supported Versions). And even though the MOS Note is not clear, this is the one which supports Oracle 18c database backups (and of course the recovery as well).

Tim Chien’s and the ZDLRA team’s recommendation: “This is a major V2 release, including support for 18.1 protected databases, and is recommended for all customers.”

Addition Aug 14, 2018

Thanks to Alexey who commented on this blog post, I need to clarify (and I wasn’t realizing this before):
The statement above included only certification for Oracle 18.1.0 databases, but not for 18.3.0. The certification of 18.3.0 databases is expected soon. Sorry for my imprecise statement.

Addition Aug 16, 2018

ZDLRA now supports 18.3 protected DBs – see ZDLRA Supported Versions Note 1927416.1:

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