July 2018 Update, Revision, BP and PSU

Hurray, it’s patching day! I know, YOU did look forward to July 17, 2018 as it is patching day again. Last night we released the following Patches: July 2018 Update, Revision, BP and PSU.

July 2018 Update, Revision, BP and PSU

First of all, I’m doing the usual check for the alert and the risk matrix to see whether there’s are really important security patches included. For the risk matrix you’ll have to scrooooooooooolllll down quite a bit as the list of products is strictly alphabetically ordered:

When you look at the risk matrix you’ll spot two high scored issues: One with Oracle Spatial at 9.8, the other for the core RDBMS at 8.4. Hence, you should consider this patch bundle, especially if you are using Oracle Spatial in Oracle 12.2 or 18c.

July 2018 Update, Revision, BP and PSU

Therefore, my next task: I’m checking the patch availability for the database in order to download the correct patches:

Again, you will need to scroll down a bit to section 3.1.4 Oracle Database.

Which Patch Bundles should you take?

As I (and others such as Ludovico Caldara in his excellent blog post series about patching and Oracle Home management) explained already several times, you should take:

  • For Oracle 18c: Update (RU)
  • For Oracle 12.2: Update (RU)
  • For Oracle 12.1: Bundle Patch (BP)
  • For Oracle 11.2: Patch Set Update (PSU) for non-Engineered Systems or Bundle Patch (BP) for Engineered Systems

Downloading the July 2018 Patches

And as usual, I apply the patch bundles as soon as possible. Just as I did in previous quarters as well.

For my environments I’m downloading:

  • For Oracle 18c: Database Update 18.3.0 Patch 28090523
    July 2018 Update, Revision, BP and PSU
    Find the Readme here. Be aware: the internal document pointers to the paragraphs currently contain an Oracle internal web address. I did ask the responsible people to correct it. Should be done pretty soon I hope.
  • For Oracle Database Proactive Bundle Patch Patch 27968010
    July 2018 Update, Revision, BP and PSU
    Find the Readme here.
  • For Oracle Database PSU Patch 27734982 for UNIX
    July 2018 Update, Revision, BP and PSU
    Find the Readme here.

I don’t download the bundles including OJVM as none of my databases has an OJVM component installed.

As the download takes a bit, I’ll add another blog post about Applying the July 2018 Patch Bundles.

What If … the link does not work?

Peter Lehmann alerted me that the GI PSU Patch 28183653 has a dead link. And this is true. But there’s a reason for it. Please always have a look into Section 2.2 of Patch Availability for the Oracle Database (MOS Note: 2394520.1).There you’ll find the delayed patch bundles listed.

July 2018 Update, Revision, BP and PSUThis list specifies the Expected Date in the rightmost column. I think I don’t need to highlight that this is an expected  – and not a guaranteed date.

The absence of the 18.2.1 Revisions does not hurt as we recommend clearly to use the Updates, not the Revisions unless Oracle Support or the MAA/X- team advices you to apply.


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13 thoughts on “July 2018 Update, Revision, BP and PSU

  1. Hey Mike,
    I just wanted to install RU on 18c DB+GI. When you download latest OPatch for 18c, it’s named But when you run opatch version, you’ll get But when you use latest OPatch for 12c, the version is ok (…
    Can you prove this?
    Kind regards,

    • Martin,

      I downloaded OPatch and installed it already this morning.


      cd $ORACLE_HOME
      rm -rf OPatch
      cp /media/sf_TEMP/p6880880_180000_Linux-x86-64.zip .
      unzip p6880880_180000_Linux-x86-64.zip
      cd OPatch

      And then:

      $ ./opatch version

      OPatch Version:
      OPatch succeeded.

      Do you see the same?


        • Martin,

          please log an SR. I sent already emails to the responsible folks.
          I’m currently fighting issues with my BP apply (more precise: with datapatch -verbose).

          Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience 🙁

          • we are hitting the below error while apply JULY PSU. Any suggestions much appreciated.

            CLSRSC-00235: Patch request before invoking Oracle patching tool was aborted because upgrade is in progress.

            Cause: A patch request before invoking Oracle patching tool was aborted because software upgrade was in progress on one or more nodes.

            Action: Ensure successful completion of upgrade processing on all nodes before requesting patch before invoking Oracle patching tool.
            Opened SR as well. so far no progress.

            ./opatchauto apply /orabackup/1/PSUJUN2018LATEST/PSU/28183653 -oh /opt/oracle/product/

          • Anand,

            no, I have no RAC system and thus don’t apply the GI PSUs.
            But please send me the SR number and I’ll have a look (just copy it into your reply – I’ll grab it from there).


  2. Hello Mike,

    Do you know when Oracle 18c will be available for download on OTN (it is supposed to be available with the July 2018 release update) ?



  3. Hi Mike,
    there is no GI Patch available (empty link to 28183653 GI JUL 2018 RELEASE UPDATE :

    Only found this:
    Patch 28317269: COMBO OF OJVM RU COMPONENT + GIJUL2018RU
    , but it has the OJVM patch included (I’ve learned from you, to patch OJVM as seperate) or is that expected?
    Cheers, Peter

    • Hi Peter,

      please see Section 2.2: Post Release Patches

      Patch 28183653 GI Jul2018 RU All ETA: 27-Jul-2018

      Sorry for the inconvenience – I will make this more clear and direct to this section as well.


  4. Hi Mike,

    This is at best tangentially related, but are you aware of any plans to publish 12.2 or 18c versions of documents like 1645862.1 ( and 2034610.1 ( We’ve always used those for some guidance for important one-offs, and now that we’re being asked to support 12.2 and prepare for 18, we would hope to see something similar…


    • Hi Stephan,

      I will ask the responsible manager in Support. Would you mind to drop me a short email?
      This way I can reply easier (firstname.lastname@oracle.com)


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