Upgrade Hands-On Lab – Oracle Database – May 2018

Roy just uploaded a newer version of our Upgrade Hands-On Lab – Oracle Database – May 2018.

The previous version had – I believe – and early drop of Oracle installed. And recently somebody complained that certain Multitenant operations such as Hot Cloning with Oracle Database don’t work but result in errors. Therefore, we updated it.

Upgrade Hands-On Lab – Oracle Database – May 2018

The size requirements unfortunately are still the same. Your machine should have 8GB of RAM and you will need a bit more than 60GB free space on disk. You “could” run the lab also from an USB 3.0 external drive – but expect some slowness. And in our labs we sometimes see corruptions in this case with external drives.

Find the lab here.

Inside the lab you will find:

  • Oracle Database
  • Oracle Database
  • Oracle Database

and databases to upgrade, to migrate and Oracle Multitenant.

This picture demonstrates what is setup by ourselves – but of course it’s a playground environment. So feel free to change, try out, alter etc. And you can always go back to a Snapshot if you create any upfront or in-between.

Upgrade Hands-On Lab - Oracle Database - May 2018

The lab has been patched I believe with January 2018 PSU for Oracle, BP for Oracle and RU for Oracle In case you wonder why there aren’t the April 2018 patch bundles installed. Copying the lab to the OTN page is no easy process and takes a while for us. Roy started the process weeks ago when I had the patches already applied but his version of the lab didn’t have them yet. And we can’t share a 60GB lab easily unfortunately over the pond.

And yes, a newer version with Oracle 18c will be available as soon as Oracle 18c on-premises is available as well (July 2018 most likely).


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