Upgrade and Migration Office Hours on April 19, 2018

Upgrade and Migration Office Hours on April 19, 2018It’s time for the next Office Hours session with the Upgrade Development Team. The Upgrade and Migration Office Hours on April 19, 2018 features the topic “Fallback Strategies“. Roy will prepare a short slide intro. And afterwards we’ll happily take your questions.

What are “Office Hours”?

This is a new interactive format we really like. Several groups in Oracle schedule Office Hours sessions. Roy and I held our first Office Hours session on February 21, 2018 for a full hour trying to answer your questions regarding database upgrades and migrations live and directly.

How do you sign up?

Please access the registration via this link:

You can ask your questions upfront – which we highly recommend as it allows us to prepare ourselves. Please just scroll down a bit on the registration page and add your question(s).

What is different this time?

The big difference to our two previous office hours sessions in February and March is the time when it will start. We changed it this time to a more convenient time for the Pacific and Mountain Time Zones:

UTC 16:00 April 19 2018
US/Pacific 09:00 April 19 2018
US/Eastern 12:00 April 19 2018
Europe/Berlin 18:00 April 19 2018
Asia/Calcutta 21:30 April 19 2018
Asia/Hong_Kong 00:00 April 20 2018
Australia/Sydney 02:00 April 20 2018

Unfortunately it will be very inconvenient for people in Asia and Australia this time. But we’ll alter the timing for one of the next sessions of course again.

We are looking forward to talk to you soon!




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