Purging of PDB_PLUG_IN_VIOLATIONS in Oracle 18c

PDB_PLUG_IN_VIOLATIONS is a strange view in the Oracle database universe. It does not follow Oracle naming conventions – and it has too many underscores in its name. Furthermore I get always annoyed by the fact that it doesn’t get purged automatically. In addition it accumulates a massive number of useless information over time. But in Oracle Database 18c there’s a least some relief: A new call gets introduced which allows purging of PDB_PLUG_IN_VIOLATIONS in Oracle 18c. PDB_PLUG_IN_VIOLATIONS As others have written a lot already about PDB_PLUG_IN_VIOLATIONS I won’t repeat it but rather share the links with you: https://martincarstenbach.wordpress.com/2016/06/29/tales-from-the-field-potential-reasons-for-pdb-plug-in-violations-part-1/ https://martincarstenbach.wordpress.com/2016/07/14/tales-from-the-field-potential-reasons-for-pdb-plug-in-violations-part-2/ https://blog.dbi-services.com/12c-multitenant-internals-pdb_plug_in_violations/ … Continue reading Purging of PDB_PLUG_IN_VIOLATIONS in Oracle 18c