Oracle Database 12.2 on Oracle Database Appliance (ODA)?

“Can I download and install Oracle Database 12.2 on Oracle Database Appliance (ODA)?”

I received such questions multiple times in the past weeks by different customers. One did ask me about their older X5-2, another person wanted to know where to download the image. At RMOUG somebody asked me when ODA will apply Bundle Patches (or Updates) instead of PSUs? And thanks to my PM mate Tammy Bednar, here’s the information also as a reminder to myself.

ODA stands for Oracle Database Appliance – it is an engineered system of software, servers, storage and networking that offers a simple, reliable, low-cost package for mid-range database workloads.

Oracle Database 12.2 on Oracle Database Appliance (ODA)?

Yes, you can. Please see the documentation links for ODA Enter the Release Notes and click on the appropriate link for your ODA. In this case, as the customer asked for an X5-2 the information is here:

And of course you can follow this pattern for all other ODAs as well.

Furthermore you may recognize that ODA now follows our patching recommendations as well, i.e. Updates for Oracle 12.2, Bundle Patches for Oracle 12.1 and Patch Set Updates for Oracle 11.2..


Yes, of course you can use Oracle on ODA – and here are the most important links:


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8 thoughts on “Oracle Database 12.2 on Oracle Database Appliance (ODA)?

  1. The patch is currently “controlled”. This means you have to contact Oracle Support to download this version of the patch.
    We encountered several issues with this specific version (f.e. Doc ID 2360709.1). I hope that Oracle support solves this issue asap.

    Best regards,

    • Sarah,

      please understand: I’m not Oracle Support. Please check via an SR. As far as I know a revised version got released but I, as a single, non-scalable resource, can’t follow up on all the things happening. Especially not if they don’t fall in my area of expertise.

      Cheers 🙂

      • Hi Mike,

        Thanks for your reply! I have an SR open already on this. The patch download files are still password protected. In the SR, they have given me two different passwords, neither of which has worked so I am thinking it is not a great idea to plan on applying the 12.2 patch to X5-2.

        Thanks Again,

        • Sarah,

          would you please mind to send me the SR number? Either mail ( or LinkedIn or Twitter (@MikeDietrichDE) is fine – whatever works best for you.


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