preupgrade.jar January 2018 (Build 11) is available now

A new version of the preupgrade.jar January 2018 (Build 11) is available now.

Please download it from MOS Note:884522.1.:

preupgrade.jar January 2018 (Build 11) is available now

MOS Note: 884522.1 – How to Download and Run Oracle’s Database Pre-Upgrade Utility

Please always download the most recent version as this one is much newer with a lot of improvements compared to the version you get with the default installation. Major changes since the first drop are:

  • Added load only capabilities.
  • Improved the interaction with OS
  • Added more obsolete/deprecated parameters
  • Improved IPC calls on Windows
  • Added functionality for aud$unified table partitions.
  • Added preupgrade and postupgrade automatic fixups
  • Check for JAVAVM mitigation patch
  • Added parameters checking when a dynamic parameter has been changed at spfile only
  • Update parameter such as memory limits.
  • Adds UTF-8 characterset capabilities.
  • Adds a check to see if CONCURRENT STATISTICS are set when RESOURCE MANAGER IS OFF.
  • Adds a block of code which will be run if the DEPEND_USR_TABLES check is run after the database has been upgraded.
  • A new autofixup function is also added, which will automatically be run by the postupgrade_fixups.sql script.
  • Adds a check to validate APEX version.
  • Modifies check tempts_notempfile, it should also consider tablespace groups
  • Changes severity of new_time_zones_exist to warning
  • Adds pga_aggregate_limit check
  • Adds support for very large temporary tablespace groups (new in Build 11)


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