preupgrade.jar January 2018 (Build 11) is available now

A new version of the preupgrade.jar January 2018 (Build 11) is available now.

Please download it from MOS Note:884522.1.:

preupgrade.jar January 2018 (Build 11) is available now

MOS Note: 884522.1 – How to Download and Run Oracle’s Database Pre-Upgrade Utility

Please always download the most recent version as this one is much newer with a lot of improvements compared to the version you get with the default installation. Major changes since the first drop are:

  • Added load only capabilities.
  • Improved the interaction with OS
  • Added more obsolete/deprecated parameters
  • Improved IPC calls on Windows
  • Added functionality for aud$unified table partitions.
  • Added preupgrade and postupgrade automatic fixups
  • Check for JAVAVM mitigation patch
  • Added parameters checking when a dynamic parameter has been changed at spfile only
  • Update parameter such as memory limits.
  • Adds UTF-8 characterset capabilities.
  • Adds a check to see if CONCURRENT STATISTICS are set when RESOURCE MANAGER IS OFF.
  • Adds a block of code which will be run if the DEPEND_USR_TABLES check is run after the database has been upgraded.
  • A new autofixup function is also added, which will automatically be run by the postupgrade_fixups.sql script.
  • Adds a check to validate APEX version.
  • Modifies check tempts_notempfile, it should also consider tablespace groups
  • Changes severity of new_time_zones_exist to warning
  • Adds pga_aggregate_limit check
  • Adds support for very large temporary tablespace groups (new in Build 11)


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12 thoughts on “preupgrade.jar January 2018 (Build 11) is available now

    • Oliver,

      fuer Upgrades nach gibt es ueber MOS 884522.1 das preupgrd.sql – das preupgrade.jar prueft spezielle Dinge fuer 12.2 ab. In der Regel machst Du wahrscheinlich nicht so viel falsch, aber offiziell musst Du bitte das preupgrd.sql (mit utluppkg.sql) verweden (ist im zip mit drin).

      VG Mike

  1. Hallo Mike,
    kann man das jar auch unter Windows zur Migation von nach hernehmen?
    Ist der DBUA von der Version Oktober Vidos besser oder unverändert?

    • Hallo Oliver,

      am DBUA selbst gibt es keine Unterschiede – mein DBUA hat (nach Einspielen des Januar 2018 BPs) immer noch den Zeitstempel “June 15”. Er setzt aber auf dem preupgrade.jar auf. Fixes, die da drin sind, bekommt der DBUA also automatisch auch.

      VG Mike

      • Why can’t you guys go in English? so that we can understand your questions/answers in comments section very clearly?

        • Simply because the question was asked in German 😉

          But you are right.

          Question was:
          Can I use the same script on Windows for an upgrade to as well?

          And I answered:
          – the preupgrade.jar works on Windows as well
          – but for an upgrade to Oracle you should use the preupgrd.sql including the utluppkg.sql as this is the designated upgrade script for 12.1 upgrades.
          Most likely preupgrade.jar won’t harm but I’d still use the script meant for the destination release.
          And it can be downloaded from within the same MOS Note.


    • Sanil,

      I realized the disappearance of the version number as well a few weeks ago. I did ask the team to include it again in the next downloadable version. Sorry for the inconvenience but as far as I see there’s no way to tell the version used right now from the tool itself.

      Cheers, Mike

      • Sanil,

        quick update:
        (1) The version/build is mentioned in the preupgrade_fixups.sql and postupgrade_fixups.sql
        (2) I filed a bug 27460985 – my upgrade team mates will fix it and include it into the preupgrade.log and the screen output when you run preupgrade.jar with TERMINAL option.


  2. Thank you Mike I see the following in the log.
    Report generated by Oracle Database Pre-Upgrade Information Tool Version Build: 12.
    Can I replace the files in $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/admin with files that I download from MOS, so that I can avoid telling folks to download it from MOS.

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