Slides and Recap – DOAG 2017 and UKOUG 2017

Thanks for your patience. I have received a good amount of calls, emails and messages in the past weeks when the slides for DOAG and UKOUG will be available. And they are now including the “New Release and Patching Model” talk. Find slides and recap – DOAG 2017 and UKOUG 2017 here.

Recap DOAG 2017 and UKOUG 2017

Wow – the year is almost over. Time flies. Time for a quick recap of the last two conferences I attended and spoke at in 2017: DOAG and UKOUG.

DOAG 2017

Slides and Recap - DOAG 2017 and UKOUG 2017

DOAG (German Oracle User Group Conference) is always very special to me. It was my 15th DOAG conference this year. And it happens in my home town even though I have no time to see friends from school as the schedule is too busy. But at least I meet usually some friends I went to University with. And of course a high number of customers and partners. Plus my colleagues from Germany and other countries which I don’t see very often as I work from home. DOAG is a bit like coming home for me. I love the conference. It offers a fantastic program and even though I built a schedule this year I couldn’t attend all the talks I had chosen before. Conferences are made for discussions, for networking, to exchange opinions and findings. And DOAG has an international speaker stream as well. So even if German is not your mother tongue you’ll find plenty of great presentations to attend. I’m already looking forward to DOAG 2018.

UKOUG 2017

Slides and Recap - DOAG 2017 and UKOUG 2017

UKOUG (UK Oracle User Group Conference) in Birmingham is a cool conference as well. It had a great program this year, and unfortunately I often ended up with too many interesting talks by excellent speakers happening at the same time. The conference center is not as perfect as the one in Nürnberg for DOAG, but the area around is very attractive. I did like Martin Widlake’s UKOUG-Conference-Survical-Guide a lot 🙂 And the networking at UKOUG is fantastic as well. Next year it will be in Liverpool. Maybe I can say “Hi” to Jürgen Klopp and visit Anfield.

Let me finish this short recap with a big THANK YOU to all the people who work so hard to make conferences such as DOAG and UKOUG a big success. THANK YOU also to all the people presenting – and all attendees as well.

Slides Download

The slides are now available in the Slides Download Center on this blog.

Thanks as well to Dieter Schmidt from Universal Investment who presented with me at DOAG. And thanks to Alain Fuhrer, Daniel Overby Hansen and Pieter van Puymbroeck for their input, slides and quotes.

DOAG 2017 (Nürnberg) – UKOUG 2017 (Birmingham)

Upgrade to 12.2 – Real World Customer Cases

Uploaded: October 1, 2017

Migrate >100TB databases is less than one day

Migrate >100TB Databases in <24 hours

Uploaded: October 1, 2017

The New Release and Patching Model

New Release and Patching Model

Uploaded: December 21, 2017

Oracle 12.2 with ACFS on MS Windows - DOAG Conference 2017

Oracle mit ACFS auf MS Windows

Uploaded: December 20, 2017


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