Book Recommendation: Oracle Database Upgrade and Migration Methods

Thanks guys, I received my copy 🙂

Book Recommendation: Oracle Database Upgrade and Migration Methods

APRESS: Oracle Database Upgrade and Migration Methods

And today I’d like to write a book recommendation: Oracle Database Upgrade and Migration Methods.

The book got authored by these 3 true database upgrade and migration experts:

And it’s cool book mostly for techies. It has plenty of examples in all details. A lot of good tips and tricks (for instance: Disable the Broker when you upgrade your database with standby in place). All of it from first hand from real world experience.

The book covers topics such as:

  • Upgrades by using a backup
  • Upgrades with and without DBUA
  • ASM migrations
  • Grid Infrastructure upgrades
  • Transient Logical Standby
  • Upgrades with standby databases
  • Multitenant upgrades
  • … and a lot more …

I know the 3 guys for quite a while and attended some of their excellent presentations at conferences such as SANGAM17. We exchange emails and messages from time to time. They all know how to upgrade and migrate databases. But “knowing” stuff is one thing. Bringing it down to paper is another task. Thanks for your hard work and effort. I like the result a lot.

Excellent book!


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4 thoughts on “Book Recommendation: Oracle Database Upgrade and Migration Methods

  1. Does it say a word at least about migration to the Cloud? Oracle Cloud obviously.
    I’m not saying it’s my favourite but probably useful quite soon. Or maybe just now 🙂

    • Adam,

      it doesn’t cover the “cloud” topic but I will do this here within the next weeks on the blog in detail. Basically most of the techniques outlined in the book will work as well (for example restore a backup to the cloud and upgrade it OR use transportable tablespaces OR full transportable export/import). The only nits to deal with is things such as forced encryption which is sometimes not obvious to everybody including myself.


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