UKOUG Conference TECH17 in Birmingham

UKOUG Conference TECH17 in Birmingham

UKOUG Conference TECH17 in Birmingham – Picture Source:

The year is almost over – and I’m looking forward to my final conference this year, UKOUG Conference TECH17 in Birmingham. It will be my third UKOUG and I’m happy that the organizers have selected two of my talks.

UKOUG Conference TECH17 in Birmingham

I will present on Monday and Wednesday:

  • Upgrade to Oracle 12.2 – Real World Cases
    Monday, 04-DEC-2017 – 09:00 – 09:50
    Hall 9
    A lot of customers waited for the availability of Oracle Database 12.2. And some brave ones did upgrade early to Oracle Database This talks will briefly cover the upgrade path and techniques to move to Oracle Database 12.2 but will focus mainly on real world customer examples covering some pretty challenging cases with Oracle Multitenant and ACFS on MS Windows.
  • How to Migrate a 110TB Database in Less Than 24 Hours
    Wednesday, 06-DEC-2017 – 11:25 – 12:15
    Hall 5
    Databases tend to grow – they get larger and larger. Sizes over 100TB are not unusual anymore. But what if the database needs to be migrated to a new operating system platform, e.g. from AIX to Linux with a limited downtime?A combination of Full Transportable Export/Import with the help of RMAN Incremental Backups can be the solution. The incrementally rolled forward backups will cut down the copy time to a bare minimum, and Full Transportable will take away all the pain of traditional transportable tablespaces.

    This presentation will guide you through the techniques – and showcase the migration including all potential pitfalls with a real world customer case.

Please find the full agenda here:

Thanks again to UKOUG for the invitation and their hard work to organize such a big conference. And I’m looking forward to meet you in Birmingham.


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