DOAG 2017 Conference – Upgrade Talks and More

DOAG 2017 - Upgrade Talks and More

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It’s November. November is DOAG time. Time really flies. And the German Oracle User Group Conference till kick off in a bit more than a week from now on. For me it’s like visiting a huge event where I know so many people: it’s almost like a friends& family meetup. Only strange thing: we all get older … 😉 I’m really looking forward to DOAG 2017 Conference from Nov 21-24, 2017.

And if you are not a German native speaker, don’t worry at all. Many talks get simultaneously translated into English. The translators are amazingly good. It’s worth to visit. For me it will be my 15th DOAG. Anniversary 😉 Time really flies …

DOAG 2017 Conference – Upgrade Talks and More

If you are coming to DOAG 2017 you may please stop by for these talks:

  • Oracle in der Praxis mit ACFS auf MS Windows
    on Tuesday at 12:00h in “Tokyo” (the big hall)

    • Dieter Schmidt, Universal-IT Services Gesellschaft mbH
    • Mike Dietrich, Oracle Corporation
    • The abstract contains three important things: “Oracle”, “ACFS” and “Windows”. Yes, you can do Oracle on Windows in a high performance computing environment. And ACFS is pretty cool and one of these features which you usually don’t see on marketing slides but can ease your daily work a lot. Dieter is a real geek automating stuff with the MS Power Shell. And he will bring some VERY IMPRESSIVE numbers. That’s why you should stop by: No marketing, just real facts from the real world by a customer challenging the database.
    • Find the abstract in German and the conference planner here.
  • The new Release and Patching Model since Oracle Database
    on Wednesday at 10:00h in “Tokyo” (the big hall again)

    • Mike Dietrich, Oracle Corporation
    • This talk will fill you in about the new release model we’ll start with Oracle 18c. Furthermore you’ll get an outlook into the future. And patching needs to be discussed as well as we changed from PSUs and BPs with Oracle to RU and RUR patch bundles. The slides won’t have many words but plenty of pictures and examples – all in color, as usual no marketing involved. If you deal with the database, regardless if you are a DBA not planning to retire within the next months or an architect or IT manager, you should come by.
    • Find the abstract in German and the conference planner here.
  • Patching Panel
    on Tuesday at 16:00h in “Shanghai”

    • Let me know upfront if I need to bring my boxing gloves 😉 Together with Matthias Mann, who hosts the Panel, Jens-Christian Pokolm, Andrew Lacy and I try to discuss with you patching topics. And no, I’m not the product manager for patching. But I will do my best to answer your questions.

Special Recommendation

Honestly, DOAG has such an excellent program there are many more presentations and it’s hard to really pick some. But I’d like to recommend some talks here.

I work together with Paolo Kreth’s team at Mobiliar Insurance for over three years now. And it’s still very exciting, especially since Mobiliar uses not only In-Memory but also Oracle Multitenant in production. See our OOW slides where we presented together with Alain Fuhrer from Paolo’s team on stage this year. And Paolo will give two talks this year at DOAG:

I’m looking forward to Paolo’s talks, especially to the second one as it is the right talk after a party night to lean back and see how Mobi transformed into an “ahead of the crowd” IT department where people have plenty of fun and get real recognition for their hard work.

Other Upgrade and Migration talks

I have to compliment the DOAG team this year. When I clicked together my conference schedule I found so many parallel talks I’d be interested in as never before. This will be an awesome conference, I’m pretty sure.

Instead of picking single talks, this is the list of upgrade and migration talks I could find – some with very strange titles …

CU soon in Nürnberg 🙂


PS: For beer lovers (I know, Jeff Smith is not coming this year unfortunately) THIS is the best beer in town. And they serve good Franconian food in their Wirtschaft as well:


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