OOW 2017 – Slides Download: Upgrade to Oracle 12.2 – Customer Cases

Thank you for coming by to our talk at Oracle Open World 2017: Upgrade to Oracle Database 12.2 – Customer Cases. It was a pleasure to have so many people attending. And I’m really proud about the support we’ve had by Alain Fuhrer and Paolo Kreth from Swiss Mobiliar Insurance and Daniel Overby Hansen from Danish SimCorp.

As we promised, we did no marketing. Only real customers with real environments. All on Oracle Database live and in production.

Alain was with me on stage and he did a fantastic job showcasing Mobiliar’s project about upgrading over 300 databases to Oracle Database 12.2 and consolidating with Oracle Multitenant. Mobiliar has the – as far as I know – largest in-production Multitenant databases in terms of “number of PDBs”. To ease administrative tasks they’ve limited the number of PDBs to 50 for a container database but saw even no performance impact with almost 100 PDBs.

And Mobiliar upgrades a container database with 50 PDBs in less than 3 hours. Try this with 50 independent databases.

Download the Slides

In order to download the slides please find them here on the blog: https://mikedietrichde.com/slides/

Upgrade to 12.2 - Customer Cases

Upgrade to 12.2 – Customer Cases

And you may also want to follow Mobiliar’s project progress at their own blog: https://mobiliardbblog.wordpress.com/

Thanks again to everybody 🙂



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