Björn Bolltoft’s Blog: Oracle Database Managebility

I know, there are so many blogs out there. Some are good and helpful, others are driven by marketing messages only. But I believe this one will become a really good one in the Oracle universe: Björn Bolltoft’s Blog: Oracle Database Manageability.

Björn Bolltoft’s Blog: Oracle Database Managebility

First of all, let me say some words about Björn. I know Björn now for over 10 years. But he works even longer than I for Oracle. Björn joined Oracle Sweden in 1995. I bumped into Björn at our second Tech Challenge training. This is a hard-core training for geeks, diggers and miners in Oracle. We (Björn, Robert Pastijn and I) prepare challenging environments and a task for each group sounding very simple at first – but then after a while people find out it’s not that simple. It’s not simple at all. Wait, this is really complicated.

Up to 6 groups have to compete and present at the end of the week to the others. They must finish by Friday morning 8am – and we’ve had groups working straight through the last night to complete their challenge. Björn took over the Real Application Testing and Enterprise Manager part of this training.

And finally in 2010 Björn joined Oracle Development and became the product manager for Real Application Testing.

Björn Bolltoft's Blog: Oracle Database Managebility

Björn Bolltoft – Oracle Sweden – Product Manager for Real Application Testing

Please have a look at Björn’s new blog:

And you will find a cool story about CSX Corporation, a customer we worked with on their upgrade project, here:

Björn did assist us even onsite and helped the customer to ramp up as quickly as possible with Real Application Testing.




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