Oracle RESTART deprecation announcement got withdrawn

Oracle Restart Deprecation announcementgot withdrawnVery good news for all customers using Oracle RESTART:
The Oracle RESTART deprecation announcement got withdrawn.

I have blogged in the past several times about Oracle RESTART of course either regarding upgrade, downgrade and patching:

And one of the customers I work with for quite a while, Swiss Mobiliar Insurance uses Oracle RESTART for all their Oracle Database environments:

The question all customers I deal with who use Oracle RESTART: How long will Oracle support it? And will there be a successor product? The customers raised this question because of the Deprecation Announcement Oracle published a while ago.

Oracle RESTART deprecation announcement got withdrawn

Today I’m sitting in a presentation at the OTN Tour stop in Montevideo, Uruguay and watching Markus Michalewicz, Senior Director Product Management RAC, presenting and showing this slide:

Oracle RESTART deprecation announcement got withdrawn

It’s true. Oracle withdrew the deprecation announcement for Oracle Restart as of July 10, 2017.

Please find the official notice in MOS Note: 1584742.1 – Withdrawn: Deprecation Announcement of Oracle Restart with Oracle Database 12c.

These are very good news for a lot of customers out there.


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4 thoughts on “Oracle RESTART deprecation announcement got withdrawn

  1. That’s good news. It’s a rather quirky service but we use it for all our production servers (non-RAC) and it works well. Oracle didn’t seem to have a planned replacement for it.

    • Simon,

      there was a replacement planned – thus the deprecation notice for RESTART. But things have changed now. And therefore RESTART is (still) fully supported and nothing is deprecated anymore.


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