Thank you, United Airlines

Well, we all have read a lot of stories about United Airlines in the past months. And my experience with United isn’t that good either.

In the past, UA managed to either let my luggage sit for 5 days in London while I was already in Redwood Shores, and I spent roughly 10 hours in their terrible telephone system waiting for anybody tracking my luggage. Then UA let my luggage sit for only a day and a bit in Frankfurt while I was staying in Pleasanton, CA. And last weekend all my team mates flying in from Mexico to Nashua via Houston, TX, saw their luggage arriving a day later – despite the 3 hours overlay they’ve had.

I’m currently at Boston Logan Airport. I was there in time. I’m flying rarely domestic in the US – but I’ve took the same connection on my way to Orlando last year in August.

This is from last year’s August:

UA is always delayed

United Airlines UA 363 on Aug 16, 2016

And this is from today:

UA is always delayed

United Airlines UA 363 on June 6, 2017

Does it ring a bell? Do you see the similarities?

Yes, of course, today there’s light rain in Boston. And some runway construction going on I’d guess UA has learned about just around noon today.

To me this seems to be a generic issue. And I’m not even speaking about serving the most unhealthy food (potato chips!) on the planet as a regular meal in First.

Yes, the world has bigger problems than that. But it still annoys me when I realize that an airline does not serve its customers well, but operates mostly on increasing its margin by all means.


PS: Update a few minutes later – now we are at over 3 hours. I wait for the “canceled” message …

UA is delayed - always ...

United Airlines – delayed over 3 hrs for a 1.5 hours flight

PPS: Even better, now United is closing the Club at 21:30h and kicking out all passengers waiting for their flights to depart. That is such a wonderful service … amazing … the plane which is going to take me hopefully to Washington Dulles at least is taxiing now at Dulles airport. This will end up it an almost 4 hour delay. United has no replacement jets, no replacement crews, nothing. Hilarious …

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