New version of preupgrade.jar (build 5) is available

There’s a new and improved version of the preupgrade.jar (build 5 – May 2017) available for download from MyOracle Support:

The same note will get you access also to the most recent builds of preupgrd.sql for upgrades to Oracle Database 12.1 and utlu112i.sql for the unlikely event you’ll have to upgrade a database to Oracle

Please always exchange the version getting installed by default with the version we offer via MOS Note:884522.1 as the downloadable version is usually much newer and improved over the one getting deployed with the installation image.

MOS Note 884522.1 preupgrade.jar

MOS Note:884522.1 – Download always the newest preupgrade.jar

The most important changes over the previous version are:

  • Adds UTF-8 character set capabilities
  • Adds a check to see if CONCURRENT STATISTICS are set when RESOURCE MANAGER IS OFF
  • Adds a block of code which will be run if the DEPEND_USR_TABLES check is run after the database has been upgraded
  • A new autofixup function is also added, which will automatically be run by the postupgrade_fixups.sql script

Find an example on how to use preupgrade.jar here:


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