Does DBCA execute “datapatch” in Oracle 12.2?

Does the Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA) execute “datapatch -verbose” in Oracle 12.2 when you create a new database?

Does DBCA in Oracle 12.2 execute datapatch when you create new database? I was curious if this misbehavior from the previous release has been fixed. Good news: It got fixed with Oracle Database The DBCA does execute “datapatch -verboseautomatically now when you create a new database. In the previous release this did not happen – you had to execute it manually after creating a new database.

DBCA 12c and “” – things to know

Quick Test Scenario

I applied the most recent May 2017 BP for Oracle (see here: Oracle Bundle Patch DBBP on Linux x86-64 is available) and created a fresh database with DBCA.

DBCA Oracle

Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA) – Oracle

Please make sure you ALWAYS create a CUSTOM DATABASE. If you “create” a DWH or OLTP database it just copies a precreated database. It will have all options in it, and you’ll have to execute database -verbose manually.

I did monitor it afterwards with check_patches.sql:

-------------------- ---------- ---------- ---------------------------------------- ---------- ---------- ----------

The REGISTRY$HISTORY does not seem to be updated correctly. This is fixed with Oracle including bug 25269268 (DBA_REGISTRY_HISTORY NEEDS TO INCLUDE BP/PSU APPLY AND ROLLBACK ROWS).



3 thoughts on “Does DBCA execute “datapatch” in Oracle 12.2?

  1. Mike,
    This comment is not about datapatch, but another DBCA behavior which might be of interest to other Oracle users. The 12.2 DBCA no longer updates the oratab file when a new database is created. I had opened a SR 3-15040329691 with Oracle support and here is what they said:
    It is expected. 12.2 GI agent does not update oratab for 12.2 database anymore.
    We want customer to use srvctl to get instance name and oracle home information.

    As per support, this behavior is not documented but has been confirmed internally.

    This doesn’t seem to make any sense why Oracle would change something which has been working one way for a decade at least and that too, without documenting it…


    • Arun,

      I have recognized this change just a day ago on the internal mailing lists. Let me dig into that a bit.


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