Is “imp” still supported in Oracle Database 12.2?

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Good question we receive quite often:

Is “imp” still supported in Oracle Database 12.2?

For clarification: I don’t talk about “impdp” but about old “imp” (import). And yes, it is still supported in Oracle 12.2.

The oldexp” got desupported with Oracle Database – but “imp” is still supported, even in Oracle Database 12.2.0.x. You should be able to import your old dumps into the newest release of the database and migrate even VERY old releases directly to Oracle Database 12.2.

Actually, the biggest step upwards we’ve heard about a year ago was an exp from Oracle V5 and migration into Oracle Single Tenant. No joke – and it worked!

Only real pitfall we are aware of right now: The MOS Note 132904.1 (Compatibility Matrix for Export And Import Between Different Oracle Versions) hasn’t been updated recently for whatever reason.


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