PERL scripts for large migrations supported on all platforms (except Windows)

This topic fits very well as I present about +100 TB migrations today at the “Harmony” User Group Conference in Finland.

Finland May Helsinki 2017

Finland in May

The question whether the PERL scripts for RMAN incrementally rolled forward backups we deliver via MOS Note 1389592.1 (11G – Reduce Transportable Tablespace Downtime using Cross Platform Incremental Backup) will be supported for migrations to non-Exadata systems such as Oracle SuperCluster as well.

And yes, now we got an update into the note saying:

Although preferred destination system is Linux (either 64-bit Oracle Linux or a certified version of RedHat Linux), this procedure can be used with other Unix based operating systems. However, any non-Linux operating system must be on

Please be aware that “Unix” is important here:
The scripts are not supported (and won’t work) if you use them with MS Windows platforms.

Another caveat with the note to be aware of:

It does not talk explicitly about “Full Database Migrations”. And not about Full Transportable Export/Import. I’ve had several customers hitting this trap using the procedure described in the note but ending up with just parts of their database being migrated. Please keep in mind that you will have to move everything in SYSTEM tablespace (and potentially in SYSAUX such as AWR) as well as otherwise you’ll end up with data but will miss your grants, roles, synonyms etc. That’s why we highly recommend the Full Transportable Export/Import procedure as it takes care on all this.

You may please download my slide deck about how to use the PERL scripts for a large migration – it’s the talk I gave at Harmony Conference 2017:


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