GIMR DB in Oracle Database 12.2

I did blog in the past already about the Grid Infrastructure Management Repository Database (GIMR DB):

SID and DBNAME are kept the same in Oracle Database 12.2. But there are a few changes and additions in Oracle Database

GIMR DB in its own Disk Group

During a fresh installation of Oracle Grid Infrastructure you’ll have the chance to create a disk group for GIMR DB:

GIMR DB in Oracle Database 12.2

GIMR DB – Gets its own disk group in Oracle 12.2

But you can migrate GIMR DB into a separate disk group as well – just make sure the size is large enough (see below).

  1. Download MDBUtil from MOS Note 2065175.1 (see next chapter below)
  2. Create your designated disk group for GIMR DB with ASMCA
  3. Move GIMR DB into the new diskgroup with MDBUtil: --mvmgmtdb --target=+GIMRDB
  4. Verify and startup:
    srvctl config mgmtdb
    oclumon dumpnodeview –allnodes

Download the most recent MDBUtil

The MDBUtil got introduced to ease standard tasks to administer, create, relocate etc GIMR DB a while back. And it gets steadily improved. The most recent version has Oracle support and dates (while I create this post) from mid of March 2017.

It’s a PERL script – and it’s not supported by Oracle Support as the note explaining the standard tasks and offering the tool for download explains:

MDBUtil usage:

# ./ -h
     Create/Enable MGMTDB & CHM --addmdb --target=
     Move MGMTDB to another location --mvmgmtdb --target=   
     Check MGMTDB status --status OPTIONS
       --addmdb            Create MGMTDB/CHM and reconfigure related functions
       --mvmgmtdb          Migrate MGMTDB to another location   
       --target='+DATA'    MGMTDB Disk Group location
       --status            Check the CHM & MGMTDB status
       --help              Display this help and exit
       --debug             Verbose commands output/trace
       Create/Enable MGMTDB: --addmdb --target=+DATA
       Move MGMTDB to another location: --mvmgmtdb --target=+REDO             
       Check CHM: --status

The MOS Note contains examples for creating and relocating GIMR DB as well.

Avoid INS-43100 error during upgrade

To avoid the OUI logging an INS-43100 error please check the space requirements for GIMR DB in Oracle Database 12.2 upfront as they have been increased drastically from Oracle 12.1 to Oracle 12.2., from roughly 5GB for a two-node cluster in Oracle 12.1 to 36GB for the same cluster in Oracle Database 12.2.

See also MOS 2245603.1:12.2 Grid Infrastructure: INS-43100 and Storage Space Requirements

Further information

Thanks to Martin Berger for this information:
Patch 25728869 which gets recommended in MOS Note:2245603.1 – 12.2 Grid Infrastructure: INS-43100 and Storage Space Requirements is now available.

Furthermore please see this presentation by the RAC team held at several User Group conferences and meetings giving a lot of detail about GIMRDB:

And in addition:


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