8 thoughts on “Security change in Oracle Database 12.2 with login.sql

  1. earlier it was easy for us to remember the urls like this.


    but now looks like most of you are getting move out, ( like Maria colgan got moved into sqlmaria.com and now you into this new site ) – it is hard to remember the website name these days.

    • I apologize – and I see your point. Hopefully you’ll remember MikeDietrichDE.com as well as it is my twitter handle 🙂 MikeDietrich.com was open for an offer at roughly $3000 😉 But the blogs.oracle.com will undergo a migration to a more marketing look&feel which is not appropriate for a tech blog. Therefore the move – and I’m just guessing that others will follow.


  2. Mike,

    Is it possible for you to add the notification about a new blog post from this blog to appear under the “Blogs” section of this link. ( like how you do previously with blogs.oracle.com/upgrade, when a new post got published it get reflected in “Blogs” of this OTN link )


    that would help us to keep track of new things coming up in this blog.

    Hope you would help us on this.

    • Rajeshwaran,

      thanks for this hint – but unfortunately I have no influence on this page – and the people owning it will strictly enforce only Oracle-hosted content to be displayed. Furthermore I checked some links and they are pretty outdated. For instance, my “Hitchhiker’s Guide” presentation dates from April 2014 😉

      But you can subscribe on the blog directly – see on the main page at https://MikeDietrichDE.com and scroll down a bit on the right side to SUBSCRIBE. That should work pretty straight forward – and you will ONLY notified when a new post gets published.


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  4. We just completed an upgrade to 12.2 (from 12.1) and ran into a strange problem.

    With sec_case_sensitive_logon=TRUE (the default), the password sensitivity must match. I created a test user naveen with password Naveen, and it gives an error when I login as naveen/naveen. Which is expected.

    Next I changed sec_case_sensitive_logon=FALSE and now I cannot login as user naveen. I tried both naveen/Naveen and naveen/naveen and in both cases I get ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied.

    Not sure what is going on here??

    • Hi Naveen,

      the secret is first the SQLNET.ALLOWED_LOGON_VERSION_SERVER in your sqlnet.ora – it defaults to 12, and in order to have this working you will have to lower it to 11 and potentially restart the listener. Furthermore you will have to ALTER the user, e.g. ALTER USER naveen identified by Naveen;. Once you do that you can connect now with naveen/naveen or naveen/NAVEEN etc.


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