Download Oracle Database or older versions from the Oracle Software Cloud

I did blog a few weeks back about the download of older versions of the Oracle Database as OTN offers you only the most recent ones.

Looked pretty simply, huh?

Well, here’s quick “how to” to access older Oracle Software downloads from eDelivery aka Oracle Software Cloud.

  1. Login to, the Oracle Software Cloud
  2. Start typing “Oracle Database Enter” into the Search by field. It will display you the option below – mark it with a click:

    Search - eDelivery - Oracle

    Search Box in the Oracle Software Cloud

  3. Then use the Select Platform drop down list to chose your desired operating system, then hit Select:

    eDelivery - Oracle - Platform Selection

    Oracle Software Cloud – Select Platform

  4. In the displayed Download Queue hit now Continue on the right side:

    eDelivery - Download Queue

    Oracle Software Cloud – Download Queue – Continue

  5. And now the magic has to happen – click on tiny little Select Alternate Release … option directly under “Oracle Database Enterprise Edition” as by default only the newest release will be displayed:

    Alternate Release Selection - Edelivery

    Click on Select Alternate Release …

  6. And then, finally, you get a drop-down list offering you to choose older releases as well:
    Drop Down List - alternate releases - edelivery

    Use the Drop-Down List to choose from all available releases


  7. You may use the SAVE LINK AS option of your browser to download whatever you need as the download manager may not work for your as it wants to install something.

    Download Links

    Download Software with SAVE LINK AS option of your browser

If you’d like to get access to even older releases you may please open an SR with Oracle Support and request access.


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