Hands-On Lab available: Upgrade to Oracle Database

Thanks to Roy – our Hands-On Lab “Upgrade, Migrate and Consolidate to Oracle Database 12.2” is now available for download from OTN.

Instructions and technical requirements are clearly documented on the OTN page as well. The lab is based on Virtual Box and can be easily imported upon download and unzip.

You can always access the lab via the blog’s top menu as well:

HOL Link on the Upgrade Blog

Hands-On Lab – Access via the Blog

Inside the lab you’ll find :

  • UPGR – an Oracle database ready to be upgraded to Oracle Database
  • CDB2 – an Oracle container database which  adopts the UPGR database after upgrade as a new PDB
  • FTEX – an Oracle database ready to be migrated with Full Transportable Exp/Imp into a PDB in CDB2
  • CDB1 – an Oracle container database – so you can test the unplug/plug/upgrade and many other things

An overview picture showing you always where you are and how to switch environments:Upgrade HOL Oracle 12.2

Upgrade Hands-On Lab – Oracle Database 12.2 including Multitenant

Hope you’ll enjoy it!


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10 thoughts on “Hands-On Lab available: Upgrade to Oracle Database

    • Thanks Hans – I recognized it as well when showing the page last week in Milan to customers 😉
      We’ll correct it asap.

      Good catch!

      Hope all is well!


  1. Mike,
    This question does not pertain to the hands on lab. I created a 12.2 (RAC) CDB with one PDB, custom database. After DB creation completed, I found that DBCA did not update the /etc/oratab file. I have tested twice and same behavior. Have you come across anyone having this issue?


    • Arun,

      I haven’t seen this in my case – but so far I created only single instance databases and CDBs.
      Are you on Linux? Is it reproducible on another machine?


      • Thanks Mike. I have tested on OEL 6.8 cluster. I also noticed that when I dropped a 12.2 database using DBCA, the DBCA also removed the entry for MGMTDB…!!

        I will soon get a chance to test the DBCA on an Exadata cluster. If I see something similar, I will update this thread.


  2. Dear Mike,

    I want to migrate Oracle RAC 10gR2 ( on RHEL 5 (no Data Guard) with over 10 TB to Oracle RAC 12cR2 on RHEL 7.

    Please tell me solutions in order to get minimum downtime


    • Hi, do you get new hardware? Or are you planning to do this on the existing HW?
      What are your downtime requirements?
      Is it a 2-node cluster or a multinode one?

      If I’d assume you will get new hardward, I’d do the following:
      – install Oracle 18c or 19c (once it is available) GI on the new RAC
      – install 18c or 19c (once it is available) database SW on the new RAC
      – install on the new RAC

      Run preupgrade.sql from MOS 884522.1 for on your source and fix everything.
      Then restore your RMAN Backup to the new cluster.
      Then upgrade to

      Once completed, run preupgrade.jar for 18c or 19c (from MOS 884522.1) and fix everything.
      Then upgrade to 18c or 19c.



      • Dear Mike,

        Thank for your response.

        I think it will take a lot of time to migrate from –> 12.1. –> 12.2

        With RMAN method, it maybe not work with db size 10 TB to minimize downtime.


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