Oracle Database for Windows available

Oracle Database for MS Windows is available as of today for download.

Oracle OTN - Download Oracle Database 12.2

Download it from:

The 64bit and 32bit clients are downloadable as well – click on the “See All” link and scroll down a bit on OTN.

For future dates and other platforms please see MOS Release Schedule 742060.1 .


2 thoughts on “Oracle Database for Windows available

  1. Hello Mike,

    We wanted to upgrade from SE2 to SE2.
    Our platform is Windows Server 2008 R2. Unfortunatly it seems as if Windows Server 2008 is not supported anymore and Windows Server 2016 is not yet supported.

    Are there any plans when Windows Server 2016 will be supported? Or are there plans to add Windows Server 2008 R2 to the supported plattform list. I failed to see any desupport notes for this plattform.

    • Hi Sven,

      yes, there are plans for Win 2016 – but I know only “very soon” but nothing more concrete.
      You may please open an SR and check with Oracle Support.


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