Non-CDB still exists in Oracle Database 12.2.

I received a question from 3 different colleagues in the past week:

“Does Oracle Database 12.2 still allow us to create non-CDB databases?”

And as I get this question at every customer-facing workshop these days as well before being able to talk about Single/Multitenant – I think it is important to clarify it.

Is the non-CDB architecture still available/supported in Oracle Database 12.2?

I did blog about it a while ago – but Google is not always your friend to direct you to the right answer:

Oracle non-CDB architecture may be desupported after Oracle Database 12.2

The Database Upgrade Guide 12.2 contains this paragraph:

And in Oracle Database 12.1 we did announce already:

whereas the difference between “Deprecated” and “Desupported” is described here:



The non-CDB (or stand-alone) architecture is still available in Oracle Database 12.2. You can install/deploy your databases exactly as you did in previous releases. Even though I would recommend you to test and experiment with the Single-/Multitenant (CDB) architecture to learn about the benefits and flexibility already today, there’s no forced push to adopt Single-/Multitenant at the moment.


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