Non-CDB architecture still exists in Oracle Database 12.2.

I received a question whether the Non-CDB architecture still exists in Oracle Database 12.2.from 3 different colleagues in the past week:

“Does Oracle Database 12.2 still allow us to create non-CDB databases?”

And as I get this question at every customer-facing workshop these days as well before being able to talk about Single/Multitenant – I think it is important to clarify it. The statement is misleading. And I can’t blame anybody about misreading it.

Is the non-CDB architecture still available/supported in Oracle Database 12.2?

I did blog about it a while ago – but Google is not always your friend to direct you to the right answer:

Oracle non-CDB architecture may be desupported after Oracle Database 12.2

The Database Upgrade Guide 12.2 contains this paragraph:

Non-CDB architecture still exists in Oracle Database 12.2.

Oracle Database Upgrade Guide Deprecation notice

And in Oracle Database 12.1 we did announce already:

Non-CDB architecture still exists in Oracle Database 12.2.

From the Database Upgrade Guide Oracle 12.1: Deprecation Statement for non-CDBs – no DESUPPORT!!!

whereas you will find the difference between “Deprecated” and “Desupported” described here:


Why did we announce such a statement?

You may ask yourself: why did we announce such a statement? Of course there’s a simple reason for it. If we plan to desupport anything in the future we usually release a deprecated notice upfront to allow you planning upfront. And sometimes – just remember the desupport notes about LONG and VARCHAR, or about the Rule Based Optimizer – even desupported things stay in the database and get used. Desupported features and products don’t necessarily disappear. It could happen, or may not happen.


The non-CDB (or stand-alone) architecture is still available in Oracle Database 12.2. You can install/deploy your databases exactly as you did in previous releases. Even though I would recommend you to test and experiment with the Single-/Multitenant (CDB) architecture to learn about the benefits and flexibility already today, there’s no forced push to adopt Single-/Multitenant at the moment.


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5 thoughts on “Non-CDB architecture still exists in Oracle Database 12.2.

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  2. I have downloaded all the HOL* file from OTN and ran the archiver to merge all the files and imported the ova file into the VB. I started the Session and i can not file the upgrade in the oracle home, also the klrice dir on my inaccurate is not mounting own the /media/sf_klrice.

    • Griffin,

      please give me a bit more information:
      Which “upgrade” don’t you find in which Oracle Home?

      And the incorrect mounting of a shared folder may have to do with the version (or the missing installation) of the VBOX extensions on your host OS. Can you please check this? Do you operate VBox on a Windows machine, on a MAC or on a Linux box?


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