Remove components from Oracle’s kernel with chopt


I’ve had an interesting discussion today. Somebody removed OLAP with chopt – and got issues afterwards. My guess: chopt will only remove the binary option and is meant to be used before a database got created. But if you use it afterwards you’ll have to make sure to remove the dictionary components as well.

A while back a blogged about chopt already:

And there are some helpful Support Notes out there:

This applies especially to OLAP. When you remove it with chopt make sure you have removed all OLAP components from the database beforehand (AMD, APS, XOQ). Check COMP_ID in DBA_REGISTRY. And extra attention is required for CDBs as removing components afterwards from the dictionary may be not straight forward.

An interesting finding on the side for Oracle Database 12.2:

chopt can now remove the following options from the database kernel:
    oaa (Advanced Analytics - this is a new chopt option in 12.2)


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