Remove components from Oracle’s kernel with chopt


I’ve had an interesting discussion today. Somebody removed OLAP with chopt – and got issues afterwards. My guess: chopt will only remove the binary option and is meant to be used before a database got created. But if you use it afterwards you’ll have to make sure to remove the dictionary components as well.

A while back a blogged about chopt already:

And there are some helpful Support Notes out there:

This applies especially to OLAP. When you remove it with chopt make sure you have removed all OLAP components from the database beforehand (AMD, APS, XOQ). Check COMP_ID in DBA_REGISTRY. And extra attention is required for CDBs as removing components afterwards from the dictionary may be not straight forward.

An interesting finding on the side for Oracle Database 12.2:

chopt can now remove the following options from the database kernel:
    oaa (Advanced Analytics - this is a new chopt option in 12.2)

In addition, be aware that linking off “rat” may also disable the SQL Tuning Advisor and potentially the ability of SQL Plan Management to evolve plans, too. Reason is that the functionality to simulate SQL statements seems to be part of rat. And once it is not present in the kernel, depending features using this functionality won’t function correctly anymore.


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