Client Certification for Oracle Database

I’ve received a question about client certification for Oracle Database the other day.
And this reminded me on this very helpful MOS Note:

It spans the client interoperability back to the Oracle 9.2 days and is a very helpful resource.

Client Certification Oracle Database

And don’t forget that sometimes client software may need a patch as well. A customer I exchange emails with on a regular basis just upgraded the Database server to Oracle Database and saw several strange errors with the JDBC client despite the fact that they were already using the most recent JDBC client.

ORA-904, ORA-923 and ORA-920 were signaled together with:

It turned out that the JDBC client need some patch treatment with merge patch 21623553
on top of the client. It got combined together with some other useful fixes into merge patch 24012252 for the JDBC client:

JDBC Patch for Bug# 24012252 for Generic Platform

Afterwards the errors were gone. For further JDBC client patch recommendations please see:

Furthermore don’t forget that there’s the Instant Client as well which is easy to deploy and downloadable from OTN:

Oracle Instant Client Download OTN


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  1. And this bug with client on Windows:

    The parameter StrLen_or_IndPtr of the API SQLBindParameter() returns length in characters instead of in bytes. As per specification, it should return length in bytes. This is described in the Bug 21616079

    See: Oracle ODBC Driver Truncates The Data Length of Output Parameter When Data Type is

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