The OJVM Patching Saga – and how to solve it – Part V

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The OJVM Patching Saga – and how to solve it“:

MOS Note released explaining patching without STARTUP UPGRADE mode

An important note regarding OJVM rolling patching has been published on MyOracle Support:

MOS Note: 2217053.1
RAC Rolling Install Process for the “Oracle JavaVM Component Database PSU” (OJVM PSU) Patches

“Beginning with the Jan2017 OJVM PSU patchset for and for, this document defines a few specific situations where the OJVM PSU patchset can be postinstalled into each database while the database remains in unrestricted “startup” mode. This will allow a “Conditional Rolling Install” ability for the OJVM PSU patchsets for and for″

This document applies to the and to the Jan 2017 OJVM PSU.


The PSU’s readme still says that the OJVM PSU is not RAC Rolling installable. This is not correct but as the PSU got released before the note got finalized the information did not get updated. The information gets added to the Known Issues section and eventually a new readme may be released.


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