Where is the Jan 2017 PSU for Oracle Database

Where is it?

This question reached me a week ago:
Where is the January 2017 PSU for Oracle Database

What’s the deal?” was my first thought – just go and download it from MOS.
Well, not really …

Where to download Proactive Bundle Patches, Patch Set Updates and Patch Sets?

My favorite note is:
MOS Note:1454618.1
Quick Reference to Patch Numbers for PSU, SPU(CPU), BPs and

It gives me access to all the download links for the patch bundles I’m looking for.

But for there’s only “NA” (not available) stated:

And a very small asterisk “m”:

Why is there no January 2017 PSU for Oracle Database

The comment says it all – but I was looking for a more precise explanation. And Roy knew where to look at (thanks!):

  • MOS Note: 854428.1
    Patch Set Updates for Oracle Products

    Section 3 (Patch Sets Updates Lifecycle) says:

    • PSUs will reach a plateau of non-security content as the version stabilizes. Once this is reached, there will be a tapering off of non-security content. Oracle expects this plateau to be reached with the third or fourth PSU.
    • PSU content will be primarily security-related once the next patch set in the series is released.

So yes, this is possible and somehow documented.
As there are no Security Fixes for Oracle Database this quarter there are no SPUs or PSU released.

Further Information?

Please see the blog post of Rodrigo Jorge from Enkitec with more details:

Obrigado, Rodrigo!


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