Upgrade Workshops Early 2017 in North America

I will be starting a slate of Oracle Database 12c Release 2 upgrade workshops and presentations after the holidays. Here’s a list of events coming in January & March along with links to the registration and sign-up pages for the various events or their sponsoring organizations.

If you live or work nearby one of these events, or if you will be participating in the RMOUG Training Days or the TCOUG winter meeting, I’d love to see you there!

Date  Location  Event
 18-Jan  Reston, VA  Full-day Upgrade Seminar: Register Here
 19-Jan  Conshohocken, PA  Full-day Upgrade Seminar: Register Here
 25-Jan  Chicago, IL  Full-day Upgrade Seminar: Register Here
 01-Feb  Denver, CO  Full-day Upgrade Seminar: Register Here
 02-Feb  Minneapolis, MN  Full-day Upgrade Seminar at TCOUG
 08-Feb  Denver, CO  Upgrade to 12.2 presentation at RMOUG Training Days
 09-Feb  Denver, CO  Data Pump presentation at RMOUG Training Days
 14-Feb  Phoenix, AZ  Full-day Upgrade Seminar: Register Here
 16-Feb  Sandy, UT  Full-day Upgrade Seminar: Register Here
21-Feb Vancouver, Canada Full-day Upgrade Seminar: Register Here
23-Feb Calgary, Canada Full-day Upgrade Seminar: Register Here

CU soon!


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10 thoughts on “Upgrade Workshops Early 2017 in North America

  1. Arun,

    I can’t tell you when on-premises gets released – but I can tell you that the workshop will cover almost everything … on-premises, cloud – and Roy will do the workshops 🙂


  2. Good-day Mike,

    I am very interested in attending your conference but I did not find any information on the cost to attend. If there is a cost I would like to present this to my manager first before I sign up. Is there a link you could direct me to that has this information?


  3. The full-day upgrade workshops are free events offered by Oracle. The User Group events have information about registration and membership on their sites. I hope that helps. -Roy

  4. Mike/Roy,

    I’m planning to attend the Philadelphia workshop. Oracle should provide some guidance on when to expect 12.2 to be available for download.

    The Release Schedule of Current Database Releases (Doc ID 742060.1) still says 12.2 will be released 2HCY2016 !

  5. Naveen,

    great to hear that – and sorry if the MOS Note hasn’t been updated. This is not in our hands as MOS Notes are owned by Oracle Support.


  6. I visited Mississauga and Toronto and Ottawa for workshops in November. I don’t think we will run another set in those cities for a few months at least. Sorry I missed you in the fall.

  7. I had already posted a list of my March workshops (Redwood Shores & El Segundo). Please see the reminder post listed in the upper left sidebar. Also please see the Events list in the right sidebar of the blog. You may need to scroll down a bit, but we try to keep it updated.

    April events will be listed soon.

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